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When HNIs Sour On Mutual Funds, They Step Into An Opaque World

The expectations of richer investors have been raised, systematically, by a wealth management industry that shares success stories of a few and hides the disastrous ones.

When retail investors sour on mutual funds, where do they go?

We often see the law of unintended consequences at play in the fields of public policy and regulation. Simply put, it is a series of unseen and unexpected events...

Gold - That Shiny, Problematic Object

I cannot claim that I have listened to all budget speeches carefully. I distinctly remember P Chidambaram urging Indians in 2013-2014, to control our “uncontrolled passion” for gold.

Click, Tap, Swipe. The Trap of Spending Digital Money

Sometime during the late 1990s, various social messaging exercises made using cash look ‘uncool’. Suddenly, credit cards had become

Franklin Templeton - The Unkindest Cut Of Them All?

Let this sink in: Rs 30,000 crore of debt assets for an AMC translates to approximately Rs 300 crore of revenue loss per year.

International Diversification And The S&P 500 – How Do You

Come, travel with me all the way back to 1957 and let me take your mind off the current dismal situation in the world.

Financial Products And The Myth Of ‘The Chosen One’

A large section of salaried individuals is used to seeing their savings bank account balances tend towards zero by the end of the month.

The long and short of customer Loyalty

I took my home loan in 2014 from a public sector bank. Please don’t ask me why, everyone is entitled to irrational decisions once in a while.

Difficult Conversations A Wealth Manager Must Have

It is quite unclear if one can make a living out of telling clients what they ‘need to’ hear and not what they ‘want to’ hear. I am also not sure if  everyone

Don’t Let Money Managers Shame You

When market sentiment is not great, you will likely come across several blog posts, marketing inserts, ‘experts’ on television; all counselling you about

The Financial Advisory Crises Of The Sandwiched

My friend Paro, is a single mother. She fought a bitter divorce battle and won the custody of her six-year old daughter and was able to keep

India, a Nation of Money Avoiders

Let’s play a game If any of the following situations seems like a narration from your life, raise one hand. If two situations seem familiar,

Your money issues can be simplified...

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