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When a book or an article is too long to read, we end up not reading it. As per Wikipedia, Too long; didn’t read (TL;DR) is a shorthand notation added by an editor indicating that a passage appears too long to invest the time to digest it. We have extended the concept to summarizing the great content we had read in the past but don’t have the time to go through again.

Inspite of dedicating several hours in the day to reading academic publications, books, industry reports, expert analysis, we struggle to cover as much as we would ideally like to. We also understand that we often do not retain all that we read. At the behest of our younger members in the team, we have decided to archive what we read in the form of summaries. If you like what we do, you may like to subscribe to this section for free and have our summaries delivered to your inboxes. We do not promise any frequency but you will receive whatever we archive at our end.

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