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Don’t Let Money Managers Shame You

When market sentiment is not great, you will likely come across several blog posts, marketing inserts, ‘experts’ on television; all counselling you about

The Financial Advisory Crises Of The Sandwiched

My friend Paro, is a single mother. She fought a bitter divorce battle and won the custody of her six-year old daughter and was able to keep

India, a Nation of Money Avoiders

Let’s play a game If any of the following situations seems like a narration from your life, raise one hand. If two situations seem familiar,

Debt Funds – Stranger and beyond stranger things

With apologies to the Netflix original sci-fi horror series, whose creators are the super duo – popularly known as “duffer brothers” but that.

Children Of A Lesser God – Do HNIs Have A Regulator?

With due apologies to the 1986 drama, which had nothing to do with this topic. Nirav Shah (name changed for obvious reasons) called the other day

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