What’s in a name?

A name could be anything. But it becomes everything if it reflects character. We believe in keeping things simple and transparent. Our clients must have complete clarity about our work. Hence, the word ‘Aban’ which means lucid/clear. “Will” is the faculty by which a person initiates action. We are willing to go the extra mile in offering evidence-based solutions to our clients. In our logo, The accent stroke above ‘W’, is a symbolic representation of a hand with a golden card – the successful completion of a task which has express value for the client.

Our philosophy is to be ‘on your side’

Our mandates revolve around services ancillary to wealth management, financial planning and estate planning. We have developed a completely unconflicted approach and work only on a consulting basis. We follow a behavioural coaching mechanism and do this by gradually cultivating habits in our clients and the next generation. All through, we constantly keep adding to our knowledge, skills and empathy. We also believe in sharing what we learn. Hence, we blog and write.

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