Women and Money – Improve your relationship.

If only women in the work force knew how expensive taking a break and/or prolonging that break would be. If they could be made aware of the fact that not earning for years at the peak of their productivity, would never allow them to bridge the earnings gap with their male counterparts, would they still take that break?
Even women who have secure jobs and don’t take breaks, often leave their money decisions to other people in the family. If women in the workforce could be encouraged to develop a relationship with their money right at the beginning, maybe there would be no need to teach them the importance of financial independence.
Like in any relationship, both women and their money need to do some work. Understand each other’s qualities, quirks, divide the responsibilities and work towards making themselves financially liberated.


Learning Outcomes
This course will help you to:
• Understand the need for financial freedom
• Recognize the unique problems that working women face
• Rediscover your natural strengths over men at dealing with money
• Formulate a practical plan and work towards it
• Decide if you need to hire a financial advisor and make that move if they have to.
After all, financial liberated women are a happier workforce, more focussed and unlikely to let their careers take a back seat.